Bengaluru will develop Ericsson’s telecom cloud offerings

November 18, 2014

ericssonSwedish telecom equipment maker Ericsson is working on creating its own cloudbased solutions for the telecom industry and expects to start running proof-of-concept models in India as early as next year. A bulk of the research and development work on the project is happening at the company’s Bengaluru facility. Telecom companies have very different applications and requirements compared with other enterprises, said Nishant Batra, vice-president and head of engagement practices at Ericsson India.

“Teleco applications are unique.We are starting by virtualising their legacy applications, similar to what was done by IT companies.And then we would control those virtualised applications using software-defined network controller,” he said. “With the cloud, telecos can have faster rollouts of networks, with lower cost and more flexibility in terms of the hardware they want to use.” Source

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