Chinese firms plan to move cloud storage to India

August 29, 2017

Chinese smartphone makers Oppo and Vivo plan to move their cloud service locations to India, reported The Economic Times.
An up and coming brand from the Asian country has called off talks with developers of apps to be pre-loaded on its devices after the Indian government asked handset companies to share their customer data security protocols, the report said.
Some domestic device vendors are also seeking clarity from pre-loaded app developers about security features to protect user data after the IT ministry recently ordered almost 30 smartphone makers – mostly Chinese – to share their information security protocols by August 28, the report said quoting senior industry executives.
Oppo and Vivo have their cloud outside India, which is usually outsourced to enterprise cloud service and data server providers like Amazon. They are now asking them to change the location of these clouds to Indian territory, said the report.

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