Cloud Computing continues to thrive : SAAS being its most Popular Type

January 30, 2014

saasCloud computing has already made its mark in this ever changing IT industry and has proved the reason for its sustenance and has made a name for itself and will continue to provide opportunities to reduce cost and enhance services.

Cloud Computing is computing based on the Internet where large number of computers are connected in real time.The expression generally refers to network-based services which are provided by real server hardware,served up by virtual hardware, with software running on one or more real machines. Before Cloud computing came into play, masses were fully dependable on physical computer storage and servers for their programs to run.

However, with the introduction of cloud computing, not only people but business enterprises as well can now access their programs through the cloud.

Cloud computing is rapidly growing in popularity and meeting demands of fairly small business enterprises.

80% companies worldwide are leveraging its benefits in 2013 and rest of 20% will add up in 2014 despite owning single piece of hardware. By the end of 2014 the value of cloud services will boost from $16.5 billion in 2009 to $55.5 billion. Thus the annual growth rate of cloud computing is nearly 5 times to that of IT Services. Thats pretty huge…. Right !!

Foundation of Cloud Computing is not only shared services and shared resources but also On-Demand Self Services. Cloud Computing on a better note allows mid-size companies to lessen their infrastructure cost and and allows to pay more focus on their projects to get their applications running faster with enhanced features and less maintenance to meet fluctuating business demands.

Cloud enables on-demand access to a pool of resources i.e servers, networks, applications, storage and services.

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