Cloud to rain dividends on India’s IT industry

April 8, 2017

On a recent trip to India, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella explained how cloud was making a significant difference, transforming every segment of India’s business and society. “One of the fundamental changes that cloud has brought about is around productivity, collaboration tools, which are now available to all the SMEs as well. You can truly use what the largest of enterprises in the world are using, anywhere in the world,” said Nadella at a conference.
The Microsoft CEO also spoke about Microsoft’s cloud services and how it is being used across the public and private sector in India. Nadella gave the example of startups and SMEs in India which are relying on the company’s Azure Cloud. He shared that he had met an entrepreneur who was reshaping healthcare by using data to reshape diagnostic capabilities. The fact that diabetes can be monitored in a more effective manner can reshape healthcare. Source

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