Frost & Sullivan Lauds VeloCloud

September 26, 2016

michael-woodVeloCloud’s key value proposition is its extensive multi-tenant cloud footprint and the dynamic multipath technology, which optimizes real-time traffic over best effort networks.

Based on its recent analysis of the software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes VeloCloud with the 2016 North American Product Leadership Award for Product Leadership.

VeloCloud sets itself apart with an unmatched, full-fledged, cloud-based SD-WAN solution that delivers a broad set of integrated capabilities as a virtual network function instead of the traditional hardware-centric model. Its full set of services includes network overlay control, dynamic path selection, application performance, application access control, secure network segmentation, and network and application visibility.

The cloud-based software model helps the company make these services available through a pay-as-you-go subscription model.

VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN consists of VeloCloud Edge devices that are deployed at branch and data center sites in physical or virtual form factors. It facilitates real-time monitoring of traffic paths to ensure that issues related to availability and reliability are sensed before they affect users, moving traffic to a different path if needed. This reduces the reliance on multiprotocol label switching (MPLS)-only links.

“VeloCloud Dynamic Multipath Optimization technology steers traffic over the most optimal path, when multiple private or Internet links are present, on a per-packet basis by continuously monitoring private, public, and hybrid connections,” said Frost & Sullivan Industry Director Roopa Honnachari. “VeloCloud Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN comprises edge devices and optional software-based gateways that allow the company to provide remediation services on these links for both on-premise and cloud applications.”

VeloCloud Gateways, which are co-resident with controllers, are deployed at top-tier co-location and Internet as a Service (IaaS) locations around the world. The software multi-tenant gateways provide cloud-delivered services, performance, reliability, and secure optimized paths from all branches to other branches, data centers, and IaaS and cloud applications.

Its VeloCloud Orchestrator aids centralized configuration, business policy definition, real-time monitoring, analytics, and one-click provisioning of virtual services.

VeloCloud offers quality of service (QoS) all through the network, ensuring that last-mile links are never over-subscribed and that high-priority applications receive the highest level of end-to-end performance. It employs a combination of technologies, including forward error correction (FEC), packet replication, dynamic jitter buffering, and proprietary algorithms to minimize packet loss and jitter on Internet and private links.

Compared with competing solutions, VeloCloud’s solution boasts superior performance improvement in terms of mean opinion scores (MOS) for packet loss and jitter during voice performance testing, and enables optimal real-time performance for IOT applications.
Photo: Michael Wood, VP Marketing, Velo Cloud

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