India must embrace cloud to get ahead in the digital era: Oracle

September 18, 2016

cl7India is poised to become the world’s leading market for Cloud, and for US software major Oracle, Cloud is a force-multiplier that the country must embrace to leapfrog into the digital era, a top company executive has said.
India is uniquely positioned to benefit from Cloud-based solutions for three reasons. First, there are more than 200 million connected mobile users — with 100 million on social media — in the country; this is an essential building block for a shift to Cloud. “Secondly, the e-commerce willingness in this market. Lastly, India has the largest IT service businesses in the world across SIs (systems integrators) and they are now looking at adjacent revenue streams like the Cloud to take cost out,” Shailender Kumar, managing director, Oracle India, told IANS. Source

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