KVH now Supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect Service in Singapore

June 8, 2015

kvhKVH Co. Ltd., Asia’s leading Information Delivery Platform headquartered in Tokyo, Japan announced the support of AWS Direct Connect Service in Singapore. Complementing its portfolio of cloud connectivity solutions in Japan, KVH is now offering dedicated Ethernet network connections to Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) in Singapore.

This new service is a guaranteed private network that brings enterprise customers new opportunities for creating hybrid-architecture solutions that merge private infrastructure with AWS computing resources. Customers will be able to readily access AWS Direct Connect in Singapore not only from Singapore but also from Hong Kong and Japan, through KVH etherXEN, KVH’s next generation Ethernet service, or KVH DCNet, a network of over 75 connected data centers across Asia.

This new cloud connectivity solution in Singapore caters to the network requirements of enterprises, who are increasingly migrating their data and applications to the cloud. According to IDC, worldwide spending on public IT cloud services is forecasted to reach $127 Billion by 2018, a CAGR of 22.8%※. While CIOs clearly understand the benefits of utilizing cloud services, a number of them prefer not to use internet connections for some of their applications.

KVH’s cloud connectivity solutions address these concerns by enabling enterprises to connect to their cloud services directly through a secure private network as opposed to an internet-based connection. This allows enterprises to access cloud services with the same confidence and reliability on the network as they would with their existing LAN or WAN as they will have exclusive access to through a dedicated network connection with total control and visibility over their traffic, as well as providing consistent user experience.

“We are excited to support AWS Direct Connect in Singapore. With our success and experence in offering this service in Japan, we believe AWS Direct Connect customers will benefit from KVH’s high service quality and reliability,” remarked Machifumi Kashiwagi, Vice President, Product Management at KVH. “Enabling dedicated access to AWS Direct Connect is a key part of our overall cloud services strategy. As organizations continue to adopt and leverage benefits of cloud services, we plan to roll-out dedicated access to other leading cloud service providers through this new cloud access solutions portfolio.”

In addition to those enterprises in Singapore, businesses with a presence in one of over 75 KVH DCNet connected data centers across Asia or over 2000 KVH connected buildings in Japan will be able to procure ready and direct access to AWS Direct Connect in Singapore.

By utilizing this service, enterprises can reduce their bandwidth commitment and data transfer charges with their existing Internet Service Provider by transferring data to and from their cloud services directly through KVH’s cloud connectivity solutions. With a dedicated private network connection, customers control their network traffic, thereby receiving a consistent and stable network experience above and beyond Internet-based connections. KVH’s suppport for AWS Direct Connect Service in Singapore will be available from April 28th.

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