NetScout launches InfiniStreamNG platform

September 26, 2016

jim-mcneilNetScout launches real-time information platform for service assurance, cybersecurity and big data enabling businesses to improve their digital transformations.

The InfiniStreamNG platform mines IP traffic intelligence in real-time to deliver accurate information to business intelligence applications on a single platform. The company claims the real-time metadata technology is a first for the industry and both enterprise and service provider customers can leverage InfiniStreamNG in data centre, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures.

The InfiniStreamNG delivers unprecedented scalability and flexibility in multiple form factors and deployment options: virtual, software and hardware appliances. Both enterprise and service provider customers can leverage InfiniStreamNG in data center, cloud, and hybrid infrastructures, providing seamless, end-to-end visibility, which can dramatically accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

The new platform enables NETSCOUT to elevate its value proposition and expand its total addressable market (TAM). With the InfiniStreamNG, customers can leverage their investment in NETSCOUT solutions, traditionally made by network operations teams, to encompass all aspects of IT and security operations across the enterprise, public sector, and service provider markets.

The InfiniStreamNG was designed with a revolutionary new architecture that “mines” IP traffic intelligence in real time, to deliver timely, accurate and actionable information to service assurance, cybersecurity, and business intelligence applications on a single platform for the first time in the industry.
This new, open architecture leverages an advanced and extended version of NETSCOUT’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, now termed ASI Plus, to seamlessly incorporate technologies from the Danaher Communications acquisition, and facilitate support for a wider range of new analytic software from NETSCOUT, from strategic partners and from other third parties. As a result, the InfiniStreamNG is positioned to serve as the industry’s most versatile real-time metadata technology.

“Today’s most successful and innovative companies, both in the enterprise and the carrier sector, realize that the flawless delivery of digital services, agile deployment, and cost-effective operations require real-time, actionable intelligence,” said Anil Singhal, co-founder, president and chief executive officer, NETSCOUT.

“Three years ago, we saw the opportunity to leverage IP convergence to provide scalable, real-time access to the mission-critical data needed to drive our customer’s digital initiatives. Since then, we have made significant investments in both organic innovation and strategic acquisitions to capitalize on this massive opportunity,” he added.

Singhal noted, “Our InfiniStreamNG is a powerful ‘anyware’ platform that elegantly and seamlessly integrates NETSCOUT’s core ASI technology with the key technologies we obtained through our acquisition of Danaher’s Communications business. In just one year since completing this acquisition, we have delivered a modern, platform-agnostic, and highly cost-effective solution that doesn’t require costly middleware due to our smart data approach for processing, storing and accelerating the collection and analysis of wire data. This real-time analytics platform, harnessing the full power of IP intelligence, will accelerate our customers’ digital transformation initiatives, placing NETSCOUT at the heart of the success of their rapidly changing digital business.”

“A long-time pioneer in the use of real-time network traffic intelligence, NETSCOUT has made this most accurate representation of system activity available to support an entire new generation of carrier, web, and enterprise applications,” said Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst, ZK Research.

“This high-quality data, which started out serving mostly network performance management uses, now feeds multiple analytics stacks including service assurance, application performance management, business intelligence and cybersecurity, at cloud scale. With this new level of deeper visibility and greater control, businesses can have the necessary confidence that they will achieve their intended business outcomes as they transform their information architectures,” he said.

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