Thanks to cloud computing! Data analysis is getting as cheap as $10

May 26, 2015

dataJust imagine you have to analyze million of rows and columns with trillion of entries in short span of time with limited resources and money. Don’t say it’s difficult as it could be achieved easily and that too be spending just $10. You are living in the brave new world of cheap-and-cheerful artificial intelligence where everything is possible with a blink of an eye. Braxton McKee is tapping into the cloud to crunch all that market data on the cheap with software he built that learns as it goes, reported by Bloomberg.

McKee, 35, is part of a wave of math and computer whizzes that’s pushing data science to new heights across Wall Street. What’s remarkable about their efforts isn’t that AI science fiction is suddenly becoming AI science fact (sorry, Steven Spielberg). It’s something more mundane: thanks to cloud computing, mind-blowing data analysis is getting so cheap that many businesses can easily afford it.


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