The 4 cloud computing resolutions you should make for 2013

January 11, 2013

It’s 2013. Cloud computing is another year older. As adopters, we’re making fewer mistakes, but I suspect we’ll repeat many of the same errors from 2012. Now is the time to work on cloud computing improvements, to set reasonable goals — and to make sure we live up to them.

To that end, here are four cloud computing resolutions for 2013 I suggest we all adopt:
1. I resolve not to “cloud-wash.” 2012 was another year of cloud everything. Virtually all products had some cloud spin, no matter what it was or the type of problem it solved. The truth is that cloud computing should be a specific type of technology that includes attributes such as on-demand, self-provisioned, elastic, and metered by use. By calling everything “cloud,” the vendors look silly — and they sow confusion.

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