What Does The Future Hold For The Private Cloud?

September 14, 2014

cloud-3As we’ve all been led to believe for some time now, cloud computing is the future. With its seemingly limitless expanse and its focus on security, private clouds appeared to be here to stay. Yet, as recently discussed by Joe McKendrick on Forbes.com, not everyone in the industry believes that private clouds will continue their reign of relevance. It’s an argument that managed service providers that offer cloud-based file sharing should follow.

Participants in a recent industry panel, an event hosted by BrightTalk for discussing private, public, and hybrid clouds, reached a general consensus that the private cloud is quickly becoming irrelevant. The participants concluded that the private clouds will become blended into the massive public clouds. The only question, according to the panel, was just how quickly this transition would happen. This consensus is hardly regarded as the ultimate truth. However, it is not an uncommon perception.

One of the participants in the BrightTalk panel, Peter Mansell, ales manager for HP Helionpeter, believes that private clouds will ultimately disappear, but not right away.

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